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      Summer Interns Setting The Tone For Jefferies For The Month Of August—Across the Board Winners!

      Last month, we asked each of our 234 summer analysts and associates from every department around the globe to set the tone for all of Jefferies by writing their own August 1st "Jef_All" Letter to all of our Employees.

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      Commentaries & Views

      2019 Global Macro Economic Landscape

      David Zervos, Chief Market Strategist for Jefferies, continues his discussion of three important stories as they evolve in 2019.

      May 28, 2019

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      U.S.: Risk Free Return

      Sean Darby, Global Equity Strategist for Jefferies, explains that the self-reinforcing trend in lower yields has not been accompanied by a marked shift in equity fund flows or factor returns.

      July 28, 2019

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      FOMC Update

      Ward McCarthy, Chief Financial Economist for Jefferies responds to the more recent reactions to the March 20th FOMC Meeting.

      April 5, 2019

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